How did Sanlam Investments adapt to Virtual Events?

“The pandemic forced us into a light switch moment across all our events…”

Cindy Benjamin, Head of Brand Sponsorship and Events at Sanlam Investments, joins our CEO, Dillon Jearey, in studio to discuss how our corporate clients have had to adapt to the “new normal”.

The pandemic forced us into a light switch moment across all our events – from our day to day client interactions to Signature Thought Leadership occasions, said Cindy Benjamin. “We have learned a lot since those early days and continue to learn as we get better and better. One of the key things we have learnt is that a conversational style event works really well for us, but apart from finding the correct format, the narrative has to remain the main focus. We believe Virtual Events are here to stay, and as we start moving back to in-person events, we see a complimentary mix of virtual and in-person.”

Enjoy watching the 10 minute recording of this interview.

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Adapting to change is hard, especially when it is imposed through something as unimaginable as a global pandemic, and yet here we are today with the reality that Covid-19 is a life changer for all of us.

Kilowatt is proud to be leading the way with virtual events. We don’t for one second profess to have all the answers, but we can promise our clients and their audiences, that we will be there, every step of the way, to guide them to their next virtual or hybrid event program. We have always had service delivery at our core and pride ourselves in our very resilient team who make the seemingly impossible happen, day after day. Our game is about delivering some very real things, but it is also about a little bit of magic.

If you want a production with a little bit of magic contact me for more information – I can help you realise your dream.

– Dillon Jearey
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