By: Riaan van der Walt

The Difference Between Feeling Young When You Are Old…And Feeling Old When You Are Young

This is probably the most important part of your health when it comes to your quality-of-life! A great todescription of poor energy is feeling old, and likewise the best description of good energy levels is feeling young. So I think we can all agree it’s critical!

What Mistakes Are Made:

This can be well summarised by: we are believing the advertising hype! Any product that temporarily increases our energy by being very sugar or stimulant rich, is telling us over and over that it is a good idea for your energy levels to eat or drink more of this product. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Stimulants and sugar do you spike our energy levels four somewhere between 45 minutes and three hours, but ensure that our energy levels are low immediately afterwards. Furthermore, both of these are addictive. This means that soon, you need them just to feel normal…

What Should We Do:

1. Food:

Eat mostly wholefood and don’t skip meals. This advice seems too simple for such a complicated problem, that to put it bluntly, it just is the truth and we’ve known it for a long long time.

2. Anemia:

If you are suffering from consistently low energy levels, go for a blood test at your clinic or your doctor to see whether or not you are anemic. The solution to this problem is most often eating food rich in iron particularly animal products rich in iron, such as liver, mussels oysters and meat in general.

3. Hydration:

You are mostly made of water. That means all of the processes involved in Taking food and turning it into energy for your body happen in water, so being even slightly dehydrated makes a serious difference to your energy levels. At least 2 L should be seen as a minimum amount to drink per day. In summer, or on a day that includes exercise you should drink more.

4. Exercise:

And saving the biggest influence for last, exercise is critical to your energy levels… ask anyone you know who has started to exercise for the first time in a while, and they will tell you that it is like the difference between night and day. With this in mind, if you need to change a lot of habits, start here to see and feel a big difference!

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