By: Riaan van der Walt

Everything In Moderation:

Now there is a phrase that we have all heard, It’s probably even a phrase that you have personally used from time to time. There are even some people who live by this and will passionately defend and debate its validity… but somewhere along the line we have to ask the question “Is it true?” and more to the point what exactly is moderation?


Without trying to sound too much like a professor of English literature, the phrase stems from long ago and was first used to indicate the importance ofbalance in a lifestyle, generally to try and point out that you can in fact do too much of a good thing. A good example of this would be the man who enjoyed gardening, that didn’t want to steal too much time away from his career or his family would say “everything in moderation”

How It Is Misused:

Today however, the phrase is used to justify lifestyle habits that are bad for us.Below are two good examples of this and the truth about what moderation truly is:


This is where I most often hear the phrase used, and misused. Particularly, by people who drink regularly and for this reason have built up somewhat of tolerance or “drinking fitness”. This means that one person’s version of moderates can be radically difference to someone else’s.

It is in fact true, as I have mentioned in previous newsletters, that we can drink a moderate amount of alcohol. However, it is very important to understand what moderation is within alcohol. If this substance is abused it is one that rapidly results in health detriment. In short, for the men, two drinks such as 330 mL beers or two single shots of whiskey or brandy is moderation. For ladies, the answer is one drink.


A good rule of thumb to live by when it comes to eating well and cheating moderately, is to take all food you know instinctively is not wise to over consume, like rich restaurant food, take aways, sweets and cakes, simba chips etc, and put it all into one category. The consensus out of the scientific community is that you can dip your hand into this category once per week with out doing any harm. This is the definition of dietary moderation. The rest of the time, we should be eating wholefood.

In Closing:

In summary, what I’m really trying to say here is don’t be someone who tries to keep yourself in the dark when it comes to how much is too much. Understand what healthy living truly looks like and strive to achieve it most of the time.

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