How Lifestyle Helps You Choose Your Quality Of Life

Now there is a phrase that we all hear and use from time to time…but ask yourself: Do you know what it is? Most of us don’t, and certainly most of us aren’t sure what truly does make it better and what truly does make it worse.

What Is Immune Function:

In short, your immune function is a collection of cells (some yours and some not) and substances (some you make and some you have to get) all of which group together to prevent and fight infections and cancer….thats right, Cancer. So the same system in your body that prevents the flu, prevents cancer. With this in mind:

How Do I make It Better:


The food that gives us health benefit across the board is Whole Food, and improving our immune function is one of the most potent ways that this happens. Apart from dropping processed food, there are other important rules to follow here. Eat more brightly coloured fruit and veg, it has more of the good stuff. Make space in your diet for healthier food by dropping some starch. Apart from dropping your salt intake, spice and flavour your food as much as possible with real spices like herbs, turmeric, ginger, chilli etc.

Dont Smoke:

There is no other way to say it, smoking is the worst thing for your immune system. If you can make this change, you have improved your health more than any other choice you make. The ways that smoking wrecks your immune system are many and complicated, but one the top of the page is the fact that smoking destroys vitamins, undoing all that good food effort you made.

Live Clean, Not Sterile:

Bizarrely, by dropping the number of bacteria and other things that live on and in us too much, it is clear that we get sick more often! So when it comes to food prep areas and toilet areas, sterile is good. When it comes to you, your children and the world around you, clean is good, but sterile is bad. A good rule to follow here is soap is good, antibacterial soap is bad.

Have The Flu Jab:

I know that whenever you talk about vaccines, it seems like an opinion amongst many others. But the facts are this: The flu jab lowers your risk of getting flu…alot. That isn’t debatable. It is true that the flu jab gives some people mild, flu like symptoms, but this happens to very few people and is not you getting the flu from the jab. It is also true that the flu jab doesn’t work 100% of the time. It gives your immune system a “first look” at the likely strains that are going around that year, but you can still get a less likely strain.

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