Kilowatt 2.0 – launching our suite of production studios

When I founded Kilowatt in 2007, I had a dream to reshape the live events and technical production industry by making service delivery the center of our universe. Kilowatt was blessed in the ensuing years with phenomenal growth and an ever-growing blue chip client list. We not only offered world class technical services and equipment rental but kept true to our founding principle to put service delivery at our core. This led to an incredibly strong Kilowatt Culture, one that is the envy of even our most direct competitors.

In recent times I have seen firsthand what Kilowatt Culture really means. All businesses have been affected by Covid-19, but no industry sector more so than the event and production game. We were down on so many fronts: financially, emotionally, and most importantly we had to let some of our good people go. These challenges are tough but losing people we call family is something that is just plain devastating.

After months of pain, struggle and strategic planning we are finally starting to see the dawn of a new business, one that fills me with immense pride. Kilowatt has been reshaped, not just out of necessity, but on purpose. We have spent the past 8 weeks completely transforming our offices in Cape Town to a suite of purpose-built production studios. The journey has been at break-neck pace and our team, as usual, rose to the challenge and smashed it out the park. We could not have done this without the incredible services of Kate Shepherd from Rebel Collective, one the foremost Interior Design firms around. Thank you!

We have created seven different studio spaces with endless possibilities around each one:

Studio 1 – The Lounge: A beautiful textile lounge space perfect for interviews, panel discussions, cut away shots, board meetings and a place to have a coffee from our amazing coffee bar.

Studio 2 – The Presentation Room: A space to stand and present on your call, with three real-life background options and plenty of natural light. Do you have your own background idea? Our on-site large format vinyl printer allows us to print any background of your choice.

Studio 3 – The Glass Room: A dramatic monotone space with two real life background options and a green screen wall for your virtual background needs. Allow us to assist in designing a virtual background for your next meeting. The perfect space for important presentations or virtual meetings.

Studio 4 – Green Screen: This space is ideal for any virtual presentation or filming where a virtual environment is used. Stand and present or choose any piece of furniture from our catalogue and use the space for a panel discussion.

Studio 5 – Bamboo Room: The tranquil space with its natural textures looks amazing on video and will give you some calmness as you get ready to deliver your message to your audience.

Studio 6 – The Mood Room: A beautiful soft white space which can be styled for any occasion. This is the perfect space to host a wedding or remember the precious moments of a loved one’s life through our virtual memorial service offering.

Studio 7 – Main Stage: With its large format LED screens and socially distanced seating for 50 people, this is the perfect space to film or stream a corporate show or a celebration. This will be the ultimate statement to make if you have birthday or anniversary party! Filled with state-of-the-art technology, including broadcast quality wireless cameras to ensure your audience receive the best experience.

The Business Lounge: This tranquil space is where you can gather your thoughts, have a bite to eat and get yourself mentally ready to go live. 

All our spaces can also double as relay rooms. This means that if you have guests that are nervous to be around other people, we can set them up in any of our spaces with relay screens to the main broadcast studios. They can be part of the experience and with wireless communication to the other studios they are even able to direct a show from a safe space.

All our venues have back-up power, high-speed back-up internet, a Barista to provide bottomless coffee and a friendly technician on standby to make sure the only thing you need to worry about is your presentation.

Our Covid-19 protocols are strict! From our pre-arrival electronic questionnaire to regular onsite temperature checks and sanitization, we take every step possible to ensure your safety. We even offer rapid antigen testing with results in 15 minutes to give you and your team peace of mind.

Adapting to change is hard, especially when it is imposed through something as unimaginable as a global pandemic, and yet here we are today with the reality that Covid-19 is a life changer for all of us.

Kilowatt is proud to be leading the way with virtual events. We don’t for one second profess to have all the answers, but we can promise our clients and their audiences, that we will be there, every step of the way, to guide them to their next virtual or hybrid event program. We have always had service delivery at our core and pride ourselves in our very resilient team who make the seemingly impossible happen, day after day. Our game is about delivering some very real things, but it is also about a little bit of magic.

If you want a production with a little bit of magic contact me for more information – I can help you realise your dream.

– Dillon Jearey
Cell: 082 745 8800
Email: [email protected]

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