On Saturday 27 May 2017, we joined forces with our friends at Hero to put together a fully-fledged Hackathon for the companies leading thinkers and doers. We began the day nice and early with a meet and greet breakfast at Kilowatt HQ before presenting the attendees with 3 environmental challenges we face in our beloved city each day. Namely; the water crisis, turning recycling into food and last but not least, traffic congestion.


Guests were each given a QR code slip to follow through to a mini site we created to benefit a live on-screen voting system so we could get an immediate show of “digital hands” on what the most popular challenge was that the guys and girls wanted to work on for the day.


The water crisis won the majority vote! We broke into two teams to “crack the concept”, keeping a fun and competitive nature about while developing 2 potential concepts to present to the company directors.

Both teams developed amazing ideas which had many an area of potential cross over so it was decided to broaden the scope of the day’s deliverables to include both concepts, allowing everyone to truly get stuck in!

After a delicious lunch, it was time for the team to get their hands dirty and play with the toys to bring the concept to life!


At the end of the day, the team managed to get a working prototype up of a fully functioning education installation system to show consumers what 100L of water could be used for and which of that water could be reused for other needs. The installation also went further to allow consumers the ability to essentially budget their water usage per day with the help of a customized app that is sent to your phone based on interactions with the with installation, ultimately providing you with a daily checklist of how much water you consume per day and assisting you in staying within prescribed limitations.


Not only did the hackathon provide the groups staff an opportunity to get to work together, it also provided a platform for everyone to understand each other’s vast amount of individual capabilities, which holistically allows us all to be that much stronger in providing our clients with forward thinking solutions for their events and conferences.

We can’t wait to do this again, and if you would like to be involved in the next one let us know and we’ll add you to our roster!