How Do I Make Changes Stick?

It’s that time of the year again where we often have a long hard look at ourselves and decide that we need to change a few things…or many of us like a fresh start, regardless, January often comes with a few goals. So how do I stick to the goals that I’ve set?

Change Your Normal:

In a world full of name brand diets claiming to drop weight in record time, exercise equipment claiming that just 5 minutes per day does the trick and supplements claiming that they will do it all for you, we can all be excused for believing the hype…but ask yourself: Was the problem that those things were missing, or was the problem my normal life?

Sadly most of these extreme interventions are not sustainable, and 1 or 2 months of crazy good eating doesn’t make up for 10 or 11 months of your Normal….so change your Normal!

Choose One Thing:

The first step to changing your Normal, is choosing 1 thing to change….now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving you an easy task here! You have to be honest about what the right thing is to change.


If you drink more than 2 drinks guys, or more than 1 drink ladies, change this first. The reason is simple, because alcohol changes behaviour in all people! Smokers will tell us all that drinking makes them smoke more, we all know that alcohol makes us hungry for unhealthy food and when we actually do have the time to exercise (the weekend), alcohol destroys any chance of that happening. So in short alcohol is often the reason that other good intentions fail….make this you goal!


Another great choice, particularly if you are looking for healthy weight loss, is not some crazy diet, but exercise. Firstly, I suggest this because it works….but secondly, because being fit gives you a massive boost in loads of other things that we all want. Better sleep, more energy, lower stress, better mood…in short, quality of life!

In Closing:

I wish you the best in achieving a wonderful 2018, and I hope that this guidance has given you a slightly better chance of choosing the right goals to set.

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