Gala Dinner: Chefs Who Share


Kilowatt set out to do what we do best and that was to put on a flawless, elegant and high class show. It was imperative for our lighting technicians to set a specific mood for each section of the programme and for the audio visual work to be spot on for this gig.


  • Technical
  • Roadshow
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Video Mapping
  • Kilowatt Invent


If you happened to be anywhere near Cape Town City Hall on the morning of what “Çhefs Who Share’’ you would have noticed that something big was going on. Caterers and staging specialists were hard at work bringing in their supplies, and the back entrance was filled with delivery trucks – all in preparation for the extremely high profile event later on that evening.

The outcome of the event was amazing but it was not without its challenges. With over ten suppliers on site logistics was a challenge as we had to find a way to cover all our own bases while preparing for a show of this magnitude. The client was also very particular in what they had in mind so there was no room for error.

The show went on without a single hitch for Kilowatt but most importantly, what did our client think of the event?

“A big thank you to Rodney Hanssen and the rest of the team of Kilowatt for all your hard work, ideas, support and professionalism. Thank you for sharing our dream with us and making “Chefs Who Share” possible and unforgettable.”

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