Puma Sales Conference 2014


Puma’s Year End Sales Conference to show the new range to our sales staff and customers. To bring in our international look and feel to be customised for the South African Market.


  • Technical Gear Rental
  • Sound desk and Microphones
  • Operation of Sound and Lighting
  • Projectors and Video Mapping
  • Manufacturing of set and side panels
  • Video Content Customisation
  • Project Management


Puma South Africa is a customer who has been with Kilowatt AV for the past 7 years. We have noticed that they are one of the most forward thinking company in South Africa. Their staff are amazing and their products are incredible.

Every year we do two conferences for their sales staff one in May and one in October, to show the products for the following seasons.

This year we held their conference in the Fugard Theater in Cape Town.

When we started with Puma, they rented a screen, projector and a PA system. They even set the system up themselves.

Over the years they noticed that at every conference or event they had, their clothing were not being viewed as much as they would have liked.

So in true form we brainstormed with Puma and came up with very innovative ways of doing a dance fashion show, this gave the audience a first hand experience on how the clothing looked and how it performed on an active person. The results were spectacular.

The brand speaks of speed, spontaneity, and performance innovation, this was the inspiration for this set. Together with their international sets that are used on their conferences with a tweak of South African heritage.

The set used side panels and video mapping using lines and strong motivating words which worked in a dynamic way to keep upbeat and exciting throughout the show. The fit of the show in the venue was also such a brilliant collaboration and the highlighted the total set.

Using videos from all Puma’s campaigns we customised it for the conference.

Puma hired the funkiest, sexiest dancers and choreographed a routine using dance and activity to show off their new range of clothing

The rest of the conference were speeches and presentations from the CEO and HOD’s from Puma SA. Rather than using a conventional  screen on the floor we put a projection screen at the back, this allowed the presenters  to keep their eyes up and interact with the crowd.

This is the perfect partnership between Kilowatt AV and our customers, as we have been growing with Puma South Africa to always push the boundaries of innovation and to put on better and bigger shows. The results of how the brand is growing in South Africa is perfect testament to how we can redefine your event experience.

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