We’re adapting to a new events landscape…

As one of South Africa’s leading technical services companies, Kilowatt has had to adapt its business to the new landscape brought on by Covid-19. It is never easy to adapt to change, especially when it is imposed through something as unimaginable as a global pandemic…

We’ve built 7 studios in Cape Town

We took the bold decision in January 2021 to do a complete refit of our office in Cape Town and transform it into 7 purpose-built production studios. Each studio has its own identity and is geared to meet the specific needs of a client.

Studio 1
The Lounge

A beautiful textile lounge space perfect for interviews, panel discussions, cut away shots, board meetings or a place to have a coffee from our amazing coffee bar.

Studio 2
The Presentation Room

A space to stand and present on your call, with 3 real life background options and plenty of natural light. Our onsite large format vinyl printer allows us to print any background of your choice.

Studio 3
The Glass Room

A dramatic monotone space with 2 real life background options and a green screen wall for your virtual background needs. Allow us to assist in designing a virtual background for your next meeting. The perfect space for important presentations or virtual meetings.

Studio 4
Green Screen

This space is ideal for any virtual presentation or filming where a virtual environment is used. Stand and present or choose any piece of furniture from our catalogue and use the space for a panel discussion.

Studio 5
Bamboo Room

The tranquil space with its natural textures looks amazing on video and will give you some calmness as you get ready to deliver your message to your audience.

Studio 6
The Mood Room

A beautiful soft white space which can be styled for any occasion. This blank canvas is the perfect space for your imagination to run wild.

Studio 7
Main Stage

With its large format LED screens and socially distanced seating for 50 people, this is the perfect space to film or stream a corporate show or maybe even a party? State of the art tech with broadcast quality wireless cameras to ensure your audience gets the best experience.

The Business Lounge

This tranquil space is where you can gather your thoughts, have some food or get yourself mentally ready to go live.

Hello my name is Jaclyn

I’d love to show you around our new studios. Drop your details below and we’ll arrange a time for you to visit…

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